Taking Sex Out of Marriage - The Scary Consequences

Twelve years ago when Lovewise was founded, our desire was to protect young people from experiencing heartache and regret in their lives by teaching them about the nature and value of marriage and the positive effects of keeping sex for marriage.

At that time we were warmly received into many schools. Sadly, since that time and for a variety of reasons, the number of invitations has decreased. Many schools have become more concerned about telling pupils how to have sex safely rather than whether to be sexually active at all.

Now we are being invited back to speak about pornography and warn young people about sexual exploitation. Of course this change is partly due to the increasing use of the internet by young people and the opportunity this gives them to watch pornography or communicate with those who may be seeking to harm them. We are thankful for every opportunity to protect young people from harmful influences. But what we learn from this is that once society opens the door to sex outside marriage, then we end up opening the door to anything. Dostoevsky said, “if God does not exist, everything is permissible” (1).

Many aspects of current sex education in our society already worry us greatly, but if the current philosophy that sex is purely recreational is carried to its logical conclusion, there is no limit to what our children may be exposed to, both outside and inside the classroom.  If you do not believe me, look at Ontario’s radical sex education curriculum(2) to be introduced later in 2015, and you will understand what I mean.


(1) Dostoevsky, (1880)  The Brothers Karamazov, Part 4, Book 11.

(2) More about Ontario's new sex education curriculum can be found at the following pages: