Marriage, Sex and Living Wisely (for Churches)

  • Suitable for Church Groups
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  • Resource Type: PowerPoint presentation
  • Release Date: 2012

The Details

This presentation is written from a Christian perspective but is designed for use with young people who have had little or no Biblical teaching on this subject.

The Contents

Marriage, Sex and Living Wisely is a 3 part presentation for church youth groups. It looks at the important matters of marriage, sex and relationships from a Christian perspective.

Session Titles

  • Session 1: Choices and Marriage 
  • Session 2: The Benefits of Marriage
  • Session 3: Practical Advice



Resource Information:

  • Age Range: Ages 13-16 years
  • Duration: 3 X 30 minute sessions
  • Key Topics: Marriage, going out, saving sexual intimacy for marriage
  • Audience: Church youth groups

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