Priodas, Rhyw & Byw yn Ddoeth

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  • Resource Type: PowerPoint presentation
  • Release Date: 2012

Priodas, Rhyw & Byw yn Ddoeth is a Welsh language presentation for use in School Years 8-11 (Key Stages 3 & 4). It is a single presentation that looks at choices, marriage, the benefits of saving sexual intimacy for marriage and the practicalities of ‘going out’.

The PowerPoint presentation is designed to be interactive and includes a video clip of a Welsh wedding ceremony and other videos in English. The presentation may last 45-60 minutes and is suitable for use in RE & PSHE lessons. Priodas, Rhyw & Byw yn Ddoeth is written from a Christian perspective.

All our resources are produced by health professionals with input from teachers and parents. The message of the presentation promotes good physical and emotional health

Resource Information:

  • Age Range: School Years: 8-11 (Key Stages 3 & 4)
  • Duration: 45-60 minutes (when presented interactively)
  • Key Topics: Marriage, going out, saving sexual intimacy for marriage
  • Audience: Church youth groups

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