Why teach about marriage and relationships at home

Parents have the primary responsibility for educating their children. We live in a society where our children are bombarded by many different messages about relationships. In this environment it is essential that they receive clear teaching. One of the most important roles for Christian parents is to help their children apply Biblical truths to every aspect of their lives including understanding why sexual purity before marriage is so important, and why God’s ways are best.

It can be hard to talk about such intimate matters with your child. The authors have prepared material to make this task easier. This material can be introduced when the parent feels the child's maturity is appropriate and allows the parents to gauge the response of their child to the information given.

The resource growing up...growing wise@home could be used prior to school sex and relationships education or if a parent withdraws their child from school sex education it could be used to replace the school teaching. Primary school sex education is not statutory and not compulsory.