Growing up...Growing wise

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  • Resource Type: CD containing PowerPoint presentation plus teacher’s resource book

“Growing up…Growing wise” is designed to teach children about the nature and purpose of the changes of puberty, to help them deal with these changes in a practical way and to encourage them to make wise decisions as they develop and mature. The lessons discuss relationships and marriage, and teach about conception and birth in an age-appropriate way.


The material is divided into three lessons suitable for use with Year 5-6 pupils. The resource is written from a Christian perspective with input from parents, teachers and health professionals.


The resource includes:

- slides with information, diagrams, pictures & video clips

- detailed teacher’s guide with lesson plans

- differentiated worksheets

- parents’ evening slide show and sample letter

Resource Information:

  • Age Range: School Years 5 and 6
  • Duration: 3 x 40 minute lessons
  • Key Topics: The changes of puberty, relationships, marriage, sexual intimacy, having children
  • Release Date: Updated 2016
  • Audience: Primary school Years 5 and 6

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Growing up...Growing wise - Review

'The presentations were excellent- suitable content and style for the age range. They were interesting and informative'

- Primary School Teacher, summer 2015.

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